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                  KimHuge CompanyWe solve the quality,

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                  What we do We manage projects from design to delivery. Ready to start scaling production? Looking for a new supplier? We can help. Our friendly ShenZhen-based engineering and customer service support teams put your business goals first.

                  Design Services
                  By providing custom design and manufacturing solutions, our engineering team becomes an extension of yours. Working with a company providing both design and manufacturing service streamlines the transition from design to manufacturing. We can recommend design improvements, reduce manufacturing costs, enhance functionality and improve quality. Benefits of design services include cost analysis and reduction programs, SKU consolidation opportunities, reverse engineering and drop-in replacement products. 

                  KimHuge’s Engineering Support & Product Development

                  Our KimHuge’s Engineering team works closely with you to make sure your goals are front and center. Through careful listening and experience, we translate your expectations into clear specifications to execute the manufacturing process to your quality standards. Our priority is delivering design options that make your product more manufacturing friendly, while maintaining the functionality you need. Our team of engineers come from diverse industries, creating innovative solutions during the design phase and throughout the entire manufacturing process. Allowing our engineering team to review your product during the design stage, we can help make recommendations on technologies that will provide a competitive advantage, or solve a problem before going into production.

                  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
                  We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis software to demonstrate how air/water-moving systems respond to a variety of internal or external influences including increased or decreased flow, pressure or temperature. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software is used to test and simulate product behavior before production. Our design engineering team evaluates these variables during simulation and reviews the impact of changes to existing designs. Using CFD or FEA gives you a clear picture of the way your design will perform without having to create multiple prototypes and physical testing. The result? CFD and FEA allows for a quicker time to market while helping to create a better performing product at the lowest cost.
                  Have a high-volume, fully-customized project? KimHuge Design Services provides significant cost benefits to you.

                  Global Manufacturing

                  At our core, KimHuge is a high-volume, contract manufacturing company founded by engineers who know how to make products. Our focus areas include Engineered Products, Manufacturing Services. Our manufacturing specialties include high-precision metal components, die casting, CNC machining, metal stamping, plastic injection molding, in-house tooling and assembly/testing capabilities.

                  Engineered Products
                  Our engineered products division focuses on projects that include precision metal and specialty rubber products, and custom plastic parts. Some of the industries served under Engineered Products are:
                  Industrial Automation
                  Material Handling

                  From loading containers to customs clearance, full logistics management to paperwork and administrative functions, we handle every detail so you don’t have to. If you ever have a question about the status of your shipment, our ShenZhen-based customer support team is only a phone call away. Our customer service and logistics teams work closely to ensure your product is delivered to your door on schedule.

                  KimHuge CompanyWe solve the quality,


                  2001 年,我們把握機遇,為企業市場提供個以MPLS(多協議標籤交換)技術為基礎的高效虛擬專用網路服務,並持續創新,一直矢志為企業提供全面及優質的產品和服務,以滿足他們快速增長的需求。 我們的四大旗艦產品包括: TrueCONNECT™ 專用網路服務、TrustCSI™ 資訊保安管理解決方案、DataHOUSE™ 全球統一雲資料中心解決方案及 SmartCLOUD™ 雲端運算方案。






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                  KimHuge CompanyWe solve the quality,

                  KimHuge CompanyWe solve the quality, supplier, workload, pricing, sourcing, technical, manufacturing challenges for your Engineers/Sourcing/Operations, so you can focus on growing your business.KimHuge is a global contract manufacturer of components, sub-assemblies, and finished goods for OEMs and distributors - managing projects from design to delivery.Whether you’re a supply chain leader, engineer or operations executive, you’re looking to simplify the complexities of your manufacturing supply chain. We can help.​

                  KimHuge CompanyWe solve the quality,





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